Hey, I'm Sander Harrewijnen

Software developer specialized in .net and web related things. C#, TypeScript, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Foundry and more and more and more...

Writer on my blog. Adventures and discoveries of all sorts! But mostly programming related.

Painter in my spare time. Inspired mostly by videogames I make paintings of my favorite characters and games.

Recent blogposts

Environment variables in an Azure Web App for Containers

A little gotcha when using a .net core app in a container on Azure that needs environment variables.

Tagged docker, containers, dotnet core, azure
Created on 04-05-2019

Let's talk containers

Platforms, apps, containers, functions, what?!

Tagged containers, apps, cloud foundry, kubernetes, itq
Created on 05-03-2019

Reading Cloud Foundry app configuration using SteelToe in ASP.NET Core

A look at loading configuration using SteelToe and making it injectable

Tagged cloud foundry, steeltoe, aspnet core, dotnetcore, itq
Created on 11-01-2019

ASP.NET Core logging on Cloud Foundry

Using ILogger to write logs on Cloud Foundry

Tagged cloud foundry, asp.net core, dotnet core, logging, itq
Created on 10-01-2019

Setting up an Azure Storage static website

How to set up hosting for your static website on Azure Storage

Tagged azure, static website, itq
Created on 03-01-2019