Easy CSS grid

A barebones grid in just a few lines of CSS.

css, flex, itq

Cloud Foundry Certified Developer

Took the exam and now I'm Cloud Foundry certified!

Cloud Foundry, certification, cfcd, itq

Multiple listeners for your Service Fabric service

Enable multiple listeners on a Service Fabric service and seperate the entrypoint of the service from the actual implementation.

Azure, Service Fabric, C#, Microservices, itq

Angular (5) and aspnet core (2) quickstart

A get-up-and-go with the Angular CLI and dotnet core.

Angular, Angular CLI, dotnet core, aspnet core, itq

Openhack Amsterdam 2017

Lift-and-shift, Azure Servic Fabric, Minecraft

Azure, Service Fabric, Microsoft, itq

Emojis in HTML

A closer look at unicode characters, emojis and using them in HTML.

HTML, Unicode, itq

Uploading files - a simple approach

Upload (smallish) images (with preview) with some Javascript and HTML

HTML, Javascript, itq
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