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Time for something else for a change. Games! Summer vacation is here and you're going to be away from your computer for a while. You still want to play some games, but you don't want to lug around your laptop.

Mobile phone gaming is kind of a trash fire with a few gems hidden here and there. To make your life a bit easier, here are my favorites to get you started.

Not all free, but definitely worth the price if you want to play some games on your phone that aren't ad infested garbage.

Vampire Survivors

Simple mechanics with an absurd amount of replay-ability.

Mow down thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you.

Luck be a Landlord

A roguelike slotmachine where you get to pick the symbols on the machine. Endless fun and a great way to kill some time.

Your landlord is knocking on your door. You have one coin left to your name. You insert the coin into your slot machine...and...JACKPOT! Luck be a Landlord, tonight! Luck be a Landlord is a roguelike deckbuilder about using a slot machine to earn rent money and defeat capitalism. This game does not contain any real-world currency gambling or microtransactions.

Super Auto Pets

An autobattler team building game where you build a team of animals to fight other teams of animals.

Build the strongest team of pets and tussle with your friends!


Steam links included where possible for you laptop luggers and Steam Deck owners. Have a good one!

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