A fresh start

You are looking at the new and improved blogging experience I made for myself.

My old blog was running on Ghost and was a bit fed up with keeping it all working and up to date so I exported the posts and images and start working on something new.

I had only one objective. Make it as simple as possible to create new content while also be able to easily maintain the blog itself. After some deep thought I ended up at ASP.NET Razor Webpages, it's like MVC but without the M and the C. The code is a renderer for MarkDown, nothing more, nothing less. There is some additional layout and styling but the content is stored in files which are gathered in an index from which I generate the pages you see. The whole thing also runs locally with minimal setup so it's really easy to fix things and add content.

To find out how the whole thing works, check out the code yourself on github in this repo.

The last part is being more disciplined when it comes to writing new content. I feel like I should write more often, so who knows, if the subjects are there, I might actually do it :-)

There was something going on with the DNS records so if you don't see this or get a nasty 404 from Microsoft Azure... that's on me...

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