DPI Settings on Windows 10 Mobile

Tags: Windows Phone
Created: 05-01-2016

I doubt this is a very new thing on Windows 10 Mobile but this setting can give you a bit more screen real estate on your Windows Phone running Windows 10. In the display settings there is a slider that controls the size of text and items:

WM10 Display settings

I don't remember Windows Phone 8 having this setting, but in 10, you can change the DPI setting that is used to control scaling of the UI. You can find the DPI setting by opening All Settings and tapping System -> Display. The default value for my Lumia 930 is set to 300%. It can go as low as 225% on my 930 but I found that certain UI elements become a bit to small. Play around with it a bit to find out which setting suits you best. Keep in mind though, changing the DPI settings requires a restart.

Here is my Reddit front page viewed through Readit (great app if you use Reddit!) to show the difference in scaling quite well:

Readit scaling (I resized the images a bit to keep the size down)

Notice how it displays more items as the scaling goes down and an extra button appears on the bottom bar as well.

I currently use it at 250% which gives me a bit of extra room without sacrificing usability to much (the middle of the previews in the image above).

While it won't give you more space for tiles, it will work very well in things like Edge and Universal apps. It does not seem to work for all apps but it's nice that the OS allows you to do this. I don't know about device support so you'll have to check in your phone's display setting if you can actually use this, but as shown, it definitely works on a Lumia 930 :-)