Side projects

I code a bit in my free time as well, here's some of things I have laying around.

Most of the stuff I make for fun lives in Github, things that actually work might eventually end up on this page 🙂. If it's something I wrote about in a blog, chances are the source for it is also on Github.


Scrib is a bare-bones notepad built using HTML/CSS and plain Javascript. It runs entirely in the browser and can work offline as well. It is also PWA compliant and can be installed as an 'app'.

Scrib screenshot
Scrib installed as a desktop app.

You can find scrib here and its source here.

Battery health

This little WPF application shows the current state of your battery as hearts. It'll remove hearts as power drains. There still some stuff to add like charge-state and percentage display but it's coming along nicely.

Battery health screenshot

Source can be found here.