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Openhack Amsterdam 2017

Lift-and-shift, Azure Servic Fabric, Minecraft

Azure Service Fabric Microsoft itq | 14-10-2017

Emojis in HTML

A closer look at unicode characters, emojis and using them in HTML.

HTML Unicode itq | 07-09-2017

A fresh start

A complete refresh of the blog!

Blog | 20-07-2017

Dotnet Core CLI user secrets

User secrets are what you use for settings in a dotnet core app that you don't want leaking into your repos.

Dotnet Core itq | 20-04-2017

A game for programmers

I play video games every now and then and I've recently discovered a game (that was in my Steam library for quite some time already) that gives me the same sensation as when I'm programming.

Gaming Factorio | 08-02-2017

Date validation in AngularJS

Another angular post! This time we take a look at how to create a directive that ensures the user enters a valid date (and/or time).

Javascript Angular itq | 27-10-2016

Simple dialogs with AngularJS and TypeScript

While working an Angular (1) web app I ran into the age old problem of showing the user notifications when certain conditions are met.

Javascript Angular HTML CSS itq | 15-09-2016

The dialog element

I was grinding my teeth on a z-index problem today. I found out about the dialog element and all was saved.

Javascript HTML CSS itq | 06-07-2016

RabbitMQ with NodeJS on Cloud Foundry

I've been having some more fun with Cloud Foundry deploying Node apps and wanted the apps to communicate in a more disconnected way.

Javascript Cloud Foundry RabbitMQ itq | 27-05-2016

Creating a toggle switch with HTML and CSS

My current project involves an interface that is 100% touch driven (no keyboard and mouse) and I was asked to turn a regular old checkbox into a toggle switch.

HTML CSS itq | 27-04-2016

Another simple loading indicator

Here is another loading indicator for when your webpage is busy waiting for a server request to come back with an answer.

HTML CSS | 14-01-2016

Going 4K with the Philips BDM4065UC

Dual screen setups are great for work but you can't always have two of the same size/model side by side.

Hardware Display itq | 06-01-2016

DPI Settings on Windows 10 Mobile

I doubt this is a very new thing on Windows 10 Mobile but this setting can give you a bit more screen real estate on your Windows Phone running Windows 10.

Windows Phone | 05-01-2016

App.config xdt transforms

Here is a little hack you can do to enable transformations in App.config.

C# Configuration transforms itq | 13-11-2015

Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 Berlin

On the 2nd and 3rd November in 2015, the Cloud Foundry Foundation was in Berlin. I attended and here are my thoughts.

Cloud Foundry Conventions itq | 04-11-2015

Read Spotify track info using C#

Spotify recently updated the desktop app again and it is once again possible to read current track info directly from it.

C# Spotify | 09-10-2015

The new rig

After saving up money for a while I bought myself a new desktop PC.

Hardware PC | 23-09-2015

Fallout Shelter on Windows 10 Mobile

Getting Fallout Shelter to run on a Windows 10 Mobile device using the android subsystem. Sadly, this is no longer possible.

Windows Phone Fallout Shelter Doesn't work anymore | 18-08-2015

Basic string templating in C#

Every solution I've worked on required some form of communication via e-mail or other form of text to the outside world, reporting, notifications or something else.

C# String templating itq | 07-07-2015

The TF2 Gun Mettle update

Though I do code, I also do other things, this is a post about not-code, so skip this one if you came here for tech things.

Gaming Team Fortress 2 | 07-07-2015

CurrentColor in CSS

If you've ever used something like LESS or SASS you know what a variable is in CSS.

CSS itq | 22-06-2015

CSS Transitions basics

End-users interact with your applications via the user interface (UI for short). Here are some simple things to spice it up.

CSS Transitions itq | 19-05-2015

The bug report

When you work on software, you will at some point encounter bugs.

Bugs | 12-05-2015

Fluent data access

A quick look at a different approach to data access code in C#.

C# Data access | 06-05-2015

The simplest loading indicator

I had a brainwave and dove into codepen for a little bit to doodle around and when I emerged I had this simple little loading indicator.

CSS HTML itq | 26-04-2015

Easy Windows Service debugging

Long running processes in a web applicatoin running on IIS is a bad idea.

C# Windows Service Debugging itq | 26-04-2015

SignalR dependency injection

My go-to container for IoC at the moment is SimpleInjector because you know, simple.

C# Dependency injection SignalR itq | 26-04-2015