Ramblings from a guy writing code and other stuff.

Debloat your Sony smart TV

A quick little tip to get rid of some garbage on the start screen of your TV.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Certified Developer

Another exam done, I am now a Pivotal certified CF developer!

Easy CSS grid

A barebones grid in just a few lines of CSS.

Cloud Foundry Certified Developer

Took the exam and now I'm Cloud Foundry certified!

Multiple listeners for your Service Fabric service

Enable multiple listeners on a Service Fabric service and seperate the entrypoint of the service from the actual implementation.

Angular (5) and aspnet core (2) quickstart

A get-up-and-go with the Angular CLI and dotnet core.

Openhack Amsterdam 2017

Lift-and-shift, Azure Servic Fabric, Minecraft

Emojis in HTML

A closer look at unicode characters, emojis and using them in HTML.

Uploading files - a simple approach

Upload (smallish) images (with preview) with some Javascript and HTML

An underrated feature in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

One of the most helpful things I've seen in videogames in a long time.

A fresh start

A complete refresh of the blog!

Enable tethering on LineageOS using ADB

A little hack to enable tethering on your Android device when it's blocked by your operator.

Dotnet Core CLI user secrets

User secrets are what you use for settings in a dotnet core app that you don't want leaking into your repos.

Dotnet Core tooling quickstart

Up and running with the new dotnet core tools.

A game for programmers

I play video games every now and then and I've recently discovered a game (that was in my Steam library for quite some time already) that gives me the same sensation as when I'm programming.

Date validation in AngularJS

Another angular post! This time we take a look at how to create a directive that ensures the user enters a valid date (and/or time).

Simple dialogs with AngularJS and TypeScript

While working an Angular (1) web app I ran into the age old problem of showing the user notifications when certain conditions are met.

The dialog element

I was grinding my teeth on a z-index problem today. I found out about the dialog element and all was saved.

Express route management

Setting up a webserver with Node and Express.

RabbitMQ with NodeJS on Cloud Foundry

I've been having some more fun with Cloud Foundry deploying Node apps and wanted the apps to communicate in a more disconnected way.

Creating a toggle switch with HTML and CSS

My current project involves an interface that is 100% touch driven (no keyboard and mouse) and I was asked to turn a regular old checkbox into a toggle switch.

My first ASP.NET Core app on Cloud Foundry

A look at deploying a dotnet core app on Cloud Foundry.

Multiple DbContext's with migrations on a single database

Here is a small problem I ran into while working on my current project.

Another simple loading indicator

Here is another loading indicator for when your webpage is busy waiting for a server request to come back with an answer.

POST-ing JSON to an ASP.NET Web API controller

So you want to post some JSON to an ASP. Here's a quick primer.

Going 4K with the Philips BDM4065UC

Dual screen setups are great for work but you can't always have two of the same size/model side by side.

DPI Settings on Windows 10 Mobile

I doubt this is a very new thing on Windows 10 Mobile but this setting can give you a bit more screen real estate on your Windows Phone running Windows 10.

Animations and transforms

Animations and transforms using CSS and HTML.

App.config xdt transforms

Here is a little hack you can do to enable transformations in App.config.

Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 Berlin

On the 2nd and 3rd November in 2015, the Cloud Foundry Foundation was in Berlin. I attended and here are my thoughts.

Read Spotify track info using C#

Spotify recently updated the desktop app again and it is once again possible to read current track info directly from it.

The new rig

After saving up money for a while I bought myself a new desktop PC.

Fallout Shelter on Windows 10 Mobile

Getting Fallout Shelter to run on a Windows 10 Mobile device using the android subsystem. Sadly, this is no longer possible.

Basic string templating in C#

Every solution I've worked on required some form of communication via e-mail or other form of text to the outside world, reporting, notifications or something else.

The TF2 Gun Mettle update

Though I do code, I also do other things, this is a post about not-code, so skip this one if you came here for tech things.

CurrentColor in CSS

If you've ever used something like LESS or SASS you know what a variable is in CSS.

Creating release notes with Visual Studio and TFS

For that one time you need release notes but forgot to track what was changed.

CSS Transitions basics

End-users interact with your applications via the user interface (UI for short). Here are some simple things to spice it up.

The bug report

When you work on software, you will at some point encounter bugs.

Fluent data access

A quick look at a different approach to data access code in C#.

The simplest loading indicator

I had a brainwave and dove into codepen for a little bit to doodle around and when I emerged I had this simple little loading indicator.

Easy Windows Service debugging

Long running processes in a web applicatoin running on IIS is a bad idea.

Getting started with Inversion of Control

Alright, lets dive straight into the deep end and take a look at Inversion of Control.

SignalR dependency injection

My go-to container for IoC at the moment is SimpleInjector because you know, simple.

Overwriting a function in Javascript

Let's take a look at how to replace the workings of one function with that of another.

Generating an RSS feed in C#

A hobby project of mine needed to generate an RSS feed.