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The TF2 Gun Mettle update

Though I do code, I also do other things, this is a post about not-code, so skip this one if you came here for tech things.

A long awaited update released for Team Fortress 2, the Gun Mettle update. For 6 bucks you get to play in a special campaign. It runs for three months and lets you play challenges to unlock new and shiny stuff. It comes with new maps including Snowplow, which was part of what should have been 'The end of the line'. CS:GO had a big influence it seems because we also get weapons skins with various stages of wear on them. And an 'inspect' button, to... you know, stare at your gun.

Gun Mettle!

Also part of this update is a huge rebalance of all the classes. I don't play competitive so I have no idea what the implications of these changes are but balancing is generally a good thing as it can make items you would never use interesting again and make lame things (I'm lookin' at you Loch'n'Load!) a bit more fair.

The biggest thing for me is the challenges that come with the Gun Mettle campaign. I've always liked TF2 but have played on and off for a while now. I jump in on the special events like Halloween and Christmass Smissmass events but outside of the special events I don't really play (I own the game since launch in 2007, have played less than 300 hours). Now we have challenges, albeit a bit easy and short, still good fun and got me playing again!

All in all a very nice addition to TF2 which has inspired me to start playing a bit more again. You can find out more on Gun Mettle here.

See you on the battlefield :-)