Fallout Shelter on Windows 10 Mobile

Tags: Windows Phone, Fallout Shelter, Doesn't work anymore
Created: 18-08-2015

Update 2: It's out. Windows Bridge for Android (Project Astoria) is dropped. Instead focus is entirely on Windows Bridge for IOS. That means that this guide is now obsolete :-(

Update: This little guide worked for an older build (10166) of Windows 10 Mobile. I haven't kept up with developments around Astoria so I don't know if it still works for the newer builds. You can always try and see if it still works. Fallout Shelter also received an update since then so you may need to search a little bit more for the right files (the APK and OBB files to be specific).

A little while ago, Windows Phone users found that Project Astoria was already present in the latest Windows 10 Mobile preview builds. Project Astoria is what lets you run Android apps on your Windows Mobile device!

While not yet final, this brings lots of apps to Windows Mobile that weren't previously available. Don't get to excited just yet, there are some catches and at the time of writing it is very hit-and-miss in terms of what does and does not work when you side-load an Android app.

With that in mind, lets get to the subject at hand: Fallout Shelter. You can successfully side-load and play this game on your Windows device! So it works (I've tried it) but you need to do some work to get it going. Here is what is needed:

A little side note before we move on, I have no idea how legal all this is. You are side-loading a game from another store on an unsupported device, this is a free to play game, but still. Just saying... your own responsibilities and all that :-)

Lets get started, you need some files first (which I am not hosting here). The obvious one is the Fallout Shelter APK that is used to install the game. A word of caution, if you think the Windows Store is full of crap and shady apps, wait until you see the Google play store. Also, don't download from untrusted sources because there could be anything inside an APK.

The second is an OBB resource file containing the games resources, which might be a little harder to find... or not.

Also a helper to install APKs on your device the easy way, found here which you can also use for trouble shooting if side-loading doesn't work.

The last thing you need is a shortcut you make on your desktop windows to your C:\ drive. Nothing more, nothing less. When you click it, you end up at C:\ in the file explorer.

If you have gather all these things and your device is ready to side load apps, here is what you do:

  1. Install Fallout Shelter on your device first.
  2. Connect your phone to USB and copy the shortcut to C:\ and the OBB resource file to a folder on your device (keep it in the com.bethsoft.falloutshelter folder it came in!).
  3. On your mobile device, open the file explorer, go to the shortcut and tap it (Pretty cool trick if you ask me! Kudos to whoever discovered it)
  4. Browse back to the public folder to which you uploaded the OBB file. It should be inside one of the folders in C:\Data\Users\Public. Depends on where you put it when you uploaded it.
  5. Tap and hold the folder with the OBB file in it, choose Move (or copy, if you want) and browse to C:\Data\Users\DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Aow\mnt\shell\emulated\0\Android\obb and place it there. Keep the folder the OBB file is in, otherwise the game can't find the resource file.

If the APK installed successfully and the OBB file is in the correct folder, you are ready to start the game. Sadly, this is where things turn a bit crappy. The game will launch fine (most of the time), but there is a big chance that creating or opening a Vault will crash the game. The good news is, if you keep trying, it will eventually work!

Some sort of proof Can't take a picture of my phone without my phone, so a screenshot of the game with the Windows notification center will have to serve as proof :-P

Just remember, it is crash prone and will require you to reboot your device every now and then when the game won't start at all anymore. If the game says it can't reach the google play store or whatever, ignore it and tap next to the little popup.